Kess Kravings | Culinary Brigde Between African and Western Cuisines.

Chef's  Tasting Menu| February  24th, 2018

Amuse Bouche
D'Autrefois Reserve Pinot Noir, France

Nkate Bisque
roasted peanut. lobster. crisp
Albrecht Pinot Gris, France

Sea Royal
chilean sea bass. jollof  spice coconut broth. truffle oyster mushroom
Albrecht Pinot Gris, France

Bread and Butter 
African butter rolls. truffle butter

African Salad
lettuce. avocado. bacon lardons

rice and peas. yuca. shrimp chile sauce. ribeye
Domaine de Bellevue Signargues CDR, France

exotic sorbet. cucumber ice

Streets Of Africa
banana. caramel. peanut. tigernut
Cheval Quancard Bordeaux, France