Kess Kravings | Culinary Brigde Between African and Western Cuisines.

Chef's Tasting Menu with Wine Pairing | August 25th 2018

Champagne  & Fruit Caviar

Amuse Bouche
 Roots and Meko
"Ghana" Yam,  Yucca, Taro,"Chilean" Sea Bass Salsa
Kpakposhito" Green Chile Jam, Jicama

   Smoked Goat Meat, Suya Tuile, Crispy Onion

Biscuit and Butter 
Kess Kravings Spiced Biscuit
Truffle Butter

Land & Sea Salad
Scallops,  Roasted Yellow Beets, Roasted Corn

Kelewele gHnocchi
Lamb Chops, Spiced Plantain, Palm Oil
Black Eyed Peas Sauce

Yuzu, Sugar Cane, SourSop

Travel via Paris to "Gold Coast" Ghana
Chocolate. Coffee. Ghana Cocoa